Friday, August 26, 2011

Tempelhof Airport In Berlin: Public Garden Turns Urban Farm

My friend Keith sent me these photographs from Tempelhof Airport which has been closed for years and when I was last there was a par with some beer gardens, it was very cool you could walk along the old runways, the grass was overgrown and there was a vastness to it all that was kind of strange given you were in downtown Berlin.  Well now those always inventive Berliners have taken over and started to create an impromtu urban farm!  I'm running to a hastily rescheduled wedding in Long Island but want to post these before I go.

 Keith and his BF Harald, so handsome.

 I love the fast food sign.

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Anonymous said...

indeed they are absolutely and assuredly adorable. Havent seen K in ages :-(( but am NOW very curios about this planting garden etc in Tempelhof! thanks to keith for the fotos and you for being the pal to post them!
warm hug,
Coco aka JnU

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