Sunday, August 28, 2011

In the Wake of Irene: The East Village and LES Comes Back to Life

Here are some pictures of what I saw today on the Lower East Side and in the East Village. I tried when I tool pictures of restaurants that were open to include the name so if you are looking for a place to eat tonight you will know at least a few places to try.
And several people drinking booze...this was a common sign to see lots of places that could open but the cooks were MIA because of the storm.
I got some grease on my camera lens and it's not coming off and it's making me crazy!
Frankies on Clinton Street.
Lavagna on East 5th and Avenue B.
Casimir on Ave B and 6th.

Tiramisu anyone? Paradiso has you covered.
The carnage in at our community garden La Plaza Cultural, we lost one of the big Willows, a Linden and a Plum tree....and maybe one or two others I couldn't see from behind the fence.

Thankfully the Brix wine store across the street was open so we could drown our sorrows over the loss of that Willow...
The Sunburnt Cow whose back room just missed being crushed by a downed tree was open and happening!
And at Zum Schneider it was business as usual, which means packed.

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chris and Skip said...

...our man on the street checking on the sorts of places WE'D be most concerned about if we were in the city. thanks for posting these, Mark.

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