Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shaved Ice at People's Pops on 7th Street

It's sort of embarrassing to admit this, but up until the other day I had never had a shaved ice.  I'd done this insane advanced yoga class and even though it was already early evening the humidity had not lifted - walking through the East Village was more akin to swimming in warm soup.
It seemed the only antidote to this was a shaved Ice from the new (ish) People's Pop shack on East 7th by First Ave.  I choose the Sweet Rhubarb syrup to go on my ice, it was tasty but not really redolent of rhubarb.
Really the appeal to a Shaved Ice is sucking on the frozen shards as you walk down the street.  By the time I was finished my mouth was frozen and I'd forgotten all about the weather.
And if you aren't in the mood for a shaved ice they have a great selection of market driven Popsicles!

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