Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Canning With Micheal and Tomatoes in Bulk

Last night I went to my friend Micheal's apartment in Harlem to make blueberry honey jam from the canning book Sweet and Tart which Micheal is working his way through this Summer.   Look at his shelves! 
OMG I couldn't believe how busy he has been this Summer! Blueberry Ketchup, Indian Spiced Yellow Tomato Ketchup, preserved Cherries, Pickled Ramps and so much more!

We had a conversation about how much it costs to can in the city and it ain't cheap, which doesn't diminish the satisfaction of doing it and if you think about it in terms of gift giving it makes the holiday season a lot more easy to take, because if you are as ambitious as Micheal you have all your holiday gifts made by the end of September.   

It almost makes me want to move to Brooklyn so I could have a backyard, but I can't imagine moving any time soon, besides I love where I live...however you can have the best of both worlds, Brooklyn Kitchen is offering an an amazing deal, 20 pounds of tomatoes for 35 dollars and if you are interested a course on how to can them, check it out.

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