Thursday, August 18, 2011


Not being one for product placement I tend to shy away from it here, but recently my friends Audrey and Dessie gave me a new Mochamaster coffee maker, one that I had been eyeing, but felt was a little too pricey for this poor old blogger. 

My old coffee maker was well past it's prime, I'd been looking and looking for a new one, but with little luck. 

I had two real criteria: I wanted a thermos type container and I wanted a coffee maker that had no bells and whistles no computerized-wake-me-up-your-coffee-is-ready crap.  Those things are just part of the built in obsolescence corporate mind set. 

I wanted something with an off and on switch. Nothing else.  After doing much research I was shocked buy how hard it was to find this.  I mean do you really need a clock in your coffee maker?  A digital display?  Stool sample analises? So when I came across the Mochamaster I was thrilled, developed by a dutch coffee expert in the '70s the key to it's mastery is that the water is evenly sprayed over the coffee and is heated to the right temperature (most coffee makers don't  heat the water high enough).  The water is super hot and the thermos is so well made the coffee stays steaming for hours after it's made and because there is no warmer element it never gets that burnt taste.

Best coffee I have ever made and in truth some of the best coffee I have ever had.  Of course like most things there is a price in this case it's $300.  You might be able to find one cheaper if you are resourceful I was lucky to have very generous friends.  All I can tell you is if you love coffee this is the coffee maker for you.

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