Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer in a Bowl: Succotash Variation with Fried Fish

Maybe it's wrong for me to call this a "succotash" but it seems like anything with corns and beans in it qualifies, but just in case I'm giving this two names: Summer in a Bowl or Succotash Variation with Fried Fish.

Corn, Green Beans and New Potatoes are at the heart of late summer cooking, so why not put them altogether in one dish? 

I'm calling this a recipe, but it really is more a guideline, as I don't think you can go very wrong with these staple ingredients at the peak of their season.

Summer in a Bowl: Succotash Variation with Fried Fish

In a large skillet melt 4 or 5 tablespoons of Unsalted Butter add 1 large finely chop Onion and cook over low/medium heat until wilted  about 5 minutes, but not browned.  Add 1 cup of prepared Green Beans (ends trimmed and cut into 1"pieces) saute for 2 minutes and then add 1 large Tomato roughly chopped (I had 4 or 5 left over yellow cherry tomatoes which I also added), cook for another few minutes.
While the bean tomato mixture is simmering boil 4 small to medium New Potatoes in salted water until just cooked (not too soft) drain and reserve.

Add the potatoes to the simmering onion tomato bean mixture . Stir in 2 cups of fresh Corn 
mix in and season with salt and freshly grated pepper, add more butter or olive oil (I added 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil) if need be.   When the mixture has heated through - maybe another few minutes, turn to low and start to fry the fish.

I like nut crusted fish, and use what ever meaty white fish is available at the market.  A 1 1/2  - 2 pound fillet.

In a bowl add 1 cup ground Almonds, 4 Tablespoons of flour, 1/4 teaspoon Paprika, and 1/4 teaspoon grated Nutmeg mix.  In another bowl lightly whisk an egg white.

In a large skillet heat 2 Tablespoons of olive oil over medium high heat. 

Put the fish fillet in the egg white then dredge in the nut mixture.  Place the coated fillet in hot oil and cook till brown - about 3 minutes - on each side. Remove from the pan and place on paper towel to drain.

Toss 1 cup of roughly chopped Basil into the corn/bean mixture and pour out onto a large serving platter or bowl.  Tasting again and adjusting the seasoning as you see fit.

Place the fish fillet on top and garnish with another half of a tomato chopped and some more chopped basil.
I love a good close up shot.
 Plates clean with a little left for for lunch!

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