Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oops, Roberta's at the Guggenheim Lab

So you know how I wrote a few days ago about this really cool new temporary art space that the Guggenheim had erected between First and Houston street?   I even took a bunch of pictures to show you?  Well the next day I got an email announcing that Robertas (the famous pizza place in Bushwick) had opened up as part of the new Guggenheim Lab.  I was so sure this must have been a mistake I almost wrote Tasting Table and said: dudes there is no food there.
Thankfully before I did that I decided to go back and check it out for myself and guess what?  It's actually not part of the space but around the corner on Houston street so if you enter on First avenue you have to walk through the entire space of the Lab, exit it and make a right.  There you will find a lovely sitting area open for Breakfast Lunch and Snacks by Robertas.
Just don't get your hopes up for pizza, given the temporary nature of the place it's sandwiches, burgers and the like.  Still it got me to fantasizing about what it would be like to have a Robertas so close by....

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