Tuesday, August 2, 2011

il Laboratorio del Gelato Reopens on Orchard

The original Il Labratorio del Gelato on Orchard street closed when they moved to their very modern big new space on Houston and Ludlow.  I thought that was the end of the old space which is on the same block as the Tenement Museum.   So you can imagine my glee when I walked by the other day and saw that they had reopened!  The hours are limited so by check before you go by, it seems mostly like they are open when the museum is.  The selection is no where near as vast as the new one, but this one is much closer to my apartment!  And for reasons of nostalgia I am happy to see them reopen.  They were food pioneers on the Lower East Side, when they opened this tiny place so many years ago it seemed like a daring proposition, but they made a great success out of it, so it's nice to see them still there.

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