Tuesday, August 30, 2011

P&H Soda Co. The Video

A while back I did one of many visits to The Brooklyn Kitchen, in this particular visit I saw some very nicely package home made soda syrup from a company called P&H Soda Co.

Today I came across a video with the soda master and owner of P&H Soda Anton Nocito.  With the rise in popularity of Soda Stream seltzer machines I think Mr. Nocito's timing is perfect, now you can make a variety of home made sodas at home, some seasonal, and bypass the nasty commercial ones.   And you get to make them fresh, when you want them, so they become a home made treat not just another store bought thing.  As Anton points out in the video soda should be drunk on occasion as a treat, making them with home made syrup at home helps to create sodas that are indeed treat worthy.

When I used to travel a lot in SE Asia I would often come across festivals/parties happening on the streets or in the courtyard of a Wat (Buddhist temple) I think I was in Vietnam where I got into a conversation with a local who told me that the drinking of Coke was so prohibitively expensive that the only times many kids ever drank it was on their birthday.  Then he pointed out it was cheaper to buy a can of local beer.


P&H Soda Co: Refreshing All Natural Syrups for Soda Lovers from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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