Friday, August 5, 2011

The Guggenheim Lab in the East Village

This very spiffy structure, the BMW Guggenheim Lab went up almost over night (or so it seemed) on east First street between First and Second Avenues and it is only going to be there until the 16th of October! 
The structure itself is beautiful, reminiscent of a black box theater only without the walls.  Don't come here thinking it's about art or seeing art, it really isn't.  And you shouldn't expect to just go and breeze through...if you go and I think you should go, you should go to the website watch the video and look at the schedule and go when something is happening you want to do.
Just to get you interested I lifted this from the description on the Guggenheim's site:

The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a mobile laboratory that will travel to nine major cities worldwide over six years. Led by international, interdisciplinary teams of emerging talents in the areas of urbanism, architecture, art, design, science, technology, education, and sustainability, the BMW Guggenheim Lab will address issues of contemporary urban life through programs and public discourse. Its goal is the exploration of new ideas, experimentation, and ultimately the creation of forward-thinking solutions for urban life.
So you see these people they are being asked questions, which are displayed o a big flat screen and then the information is tabulated and it says something about creating cities...
 And these people where talking about how disposable cups changed the world or something like that.
see they even took notes and made charts...
It's kind of complicated to explain but it's more a space to explore and take part in then it is just something to see....just go if nothing else you can be a fly on the wall while everyone else figures out how to save the planet or recreate cities or make our disposable culture a sustainable one.

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