Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Health vs Price

I think this chart is super cool  Read the entire story on
This isn't news, but it is a very cool way of presenting the data.  I'm constantly talking about how at the end of the day the market offers dollar bags and also take food stamps and the Green Markets here even offer their own food stamp for people who want to buy real food, but can't afford it.  God knows food has gotten so expensive.

This is a huge challenge:  how do we convince people that the cheap food they are eating is making them fat and sick and instead of choosing  Doritos and Coke they should have, what a Salad?   Well... if you want to be full and feel like you ate something good you ain't buying the salad.  We need to start subsidizing local farmers, urban farmers and fresh food initiatives to make real food competitive with the corporate stuff.  Would love to hear your suggestions/feeling on this.

Roll over the dots for more info and double click the chart to embiggen.

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