Monday, August 1, 2011

The Highline: Part 2

Part 2 because this is the first time I have been on the new addition and I did a posting on The High Line when it first opened last year?  Or was it two years ago?.  Neil and I went on a leisurely walk on Sunday, my main focus was to see the food truck action at the end.  When I did this little video I missed out on the few trucks next to the roller rink.  My understanding is that the trucks change regularly so you never know what you might get.  As you enter there is a ticket booth for drink tickets.  The bar set up is quit impressive and the selection of beers could keep you there for a very long time!

 Drink tickets.
I love the way Kelvin slush truck was set up, with the two base flavors being Ginger and Citrus then you can add a bunch of other things to make it to your liking.

 Arty bird community.

My dream home.

 My handsome hubby.
The end of The High Line is a T shaped track which to the west goes right to the water.  This part is owned by the city and how it will be developed is still up in the air.  Seems crazy that they would not let them continue with the renovation - it's brought such life to the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Mark, I've been waiting for Neil Denari's building to go up--mostly to see if the real building would match the early design drawings--it does better than most. I wish more buildings would curve out and about like this one does over the Highline.

Urban Food Guy said...

and each floor is one apartment, the skin on it is great!

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