Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank You: CSN Giveaway Closes, Winner To Be Announced Wednesday

Thank you everyone who wrote a comment telling me what it is you would get and how you would use it if you won a $55 gift certificate to one of the many CSN websites!

The most interesting thing for me was to get a peek, in concrete terms, at the range of people dropping by UrbanFoodGuy.   It gives me some insight into who it is that makes up this nascent community.  Even though I see the numbers every week there is nothing like real comments from real people I don't know to bolster my sense of mission and to try and figure out how I can grow and nurture this community.

In the weeks and months to come I'm going to try and do more posts that encourage interaction.  Neil made a couple of great suggestions today.  One is to do some polls and to find out more about you.  Also, to have an open thread day periodically where you, the readers, can make your voices heard, by giving your opinion or sharing your favorite childhood cookie recipe or whatever it is we're talking about that day.

Urbanfoodguy started out as a thing to do while I was unemployed and has turned into a full time job. Indeed, honestly, it's the best job I've ever had (well it could pay better but I'm working on that).  For the first time in my life the two things I have always loved, food and writing, have come together in a single endeavor.

But I digress! Wednesday (after I figure out and get a number so I can objectively select a winner) I will announce the winner of the CSN giveaway.

Thanks again for taking part and for continuing to stop by!

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