Monday, October 4, 2010

Soul Food Restaurant?

So I'm so obsessed and mono-focused in my search for new and exciting food experiences that the other day I was walking down Polk Street in what I would guess was the Nob Hill district of San Francisco when I saw this sign, it read:

Last Train Soul Kitchen: Girl Played With Fire, I'm Still Here

I thought this was a restaurant.  In my reading of the sign I was hearing an urban African American woman saying the name of her restaurant: Last Train Soul Kitchen with the added personal note, Girl played with fire and I'm (she) is still here.

Seemed really clever and funny to me.  A woman chef who makes soul food and even though every night she plays with fire she is still determined to show up (be here) and cook.

As you can imagine, I rushed down the street to get a picture and a closer look at this place.

It was a cinema playing:

Last Train

Soul Kitchen

The Girl Who Played with Fire (great movie can't wait for the third installment!)

I'm Still Here

For show times go to Lumiere's site.

C'mon, don't you think that would have been a great sign for a restaurant?

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