Friday, October 29, 2010

Black Cherry Wine

Wandering through Union Square Green market the other day I came across the Eve's Cidery stand.  Neil loves hard cider so whenever he has a hankering for it I buy it here.  In addition to their cider selection, Eve also makes Ice Wine and  Fruit wines which are seasonal.  This year was a bumper crop of black cherries so Eve made up a batch of rich, luscious, not too sweet but sweet Black Cherry Wine.  They had it on ice at the market and were offering tastes.  It was amazing!  When you consider that 14 pounds of cherries go into each bottle it is also a deal at $15 bucks a bottle.   

Great before, during or after dinner, just make sure it's nice and cold (or serve it on the rocks as an aperitif).  Don't wait to get your bottle; supplies are limited and this is indeed a rare treat.  Eve's Cidery is at the Union Square Market on Friday and Saturdays.  Check Grow NYC for their complete schedule.

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