Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$55 CSN Giveaway and Coconut Cookies

One of the more interesting things that's been happening over the last couple of months as the readership of this here blog keeps growing, is that I get more and more mail from people inviting me to events or asking me to link to an article or website they think my readers would enjoy.

Last week I got an email from CSN offering a $55.00 giveaway for my readers.  Cool, I thought, but just what exactly is CSN?

You'll have to forgive me, but I'm not much of an online shopper so I was clueless.  It didn't take much to realize these people have a lot of websites - 200 or there abouts - selling everything from dining room chairs to cookware!  They also sell a lot of other stuff like bathtubs and pillows.  Well, let's face it, when you have 200 websites you're basically selling, like, everything.

Given that my readership now is in the thousands each week, you sure are a quiet bunch, so I am taking a stand and using this promotion to try and turn up the volume in the comments sections!

Here is the deal:

To enter this giveaway leave a comment telling me what you'd like to buy and what you'd make with it or use it for... feel free to leave recipes if you are so inspired or really anything you'd like to share.

So, for example:  I've been admiring the 9" square Le Creuset baking dish.  It would be perfect for making brownies!   So, if you were entering the contest with your eye on that, you might share your favorite brownie recipe if you felt inspired.  And don't forget to add your email address so I can notify the winner. 

The giveaway will close when there are 25 comments!   So hurry up and leave a comment

Oh and if any of you are wondering why I have a picture of a 14 cup Cuisinart at the top of this post it's because that is what I would put my $55 towards if I could.  Mine broke.  It had been Neil's mom's and was at least 20 years old.  I used it all the time and I miss it terribly, but never seem to have the money to spend on a new one.  My favorite use for my food processor is making coleslaw and also for making dough for cookies (my coconut cookie recipe is a breeze with a food processor).

All you have to do is preheat the oven to 350 F, throw into the food processor 1 1/3 cups of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder and 3 1/3 cups unsweetened organic coconut.  Pulse a few times so the coconut becomes super fine then add 1/2 cup of unsalted butter  and pulse a few more times, then add 1 large egg, 1 teaspoon of coconut rum, rum or vanilla  and pulse a few more times.  Finally, add 1 1/2 cups all purpose floor and pulse until it just comes together.

Form into balls the size of walnuts.  Mix 1/2 cup of organic powdered sugar with 2 cups of unsweetened coconut, roll the dough balls in this mixture and cook on a parchment covered cookie sheet until lightly golden 20 or so minutes.

*  This giveaway is only for residents of the USA and Canada.  International Shipping rates apply on items sent to Canada.


Domestic Diva said...

Those cookies sound really yummy. I'd use the certificate toward a guidecraft kitchen helper, so my little one and I can work together in the kitchen.

Domestic Diva said...

Yikes! I forgot to leave my email (it's in my profile too, so you can delete this comment):

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Lisa said...

I really want a mini muffin pan so I can make fudge puddles. rhisomers(at)gmail(dot)com

quitecontrary1977 said...

I would get a Paula Deen cookie pan. Only 23 more comments to go!

Kurt Brown said...

I would give it to Mark so he could buy his Cuisinart. He knows my email.

Oh, and helloooo other readers!!!

Liz said...

I would use it to get a Le Creuset stock pot--my old stainless one is dented and the lid doesn't form a proper seal, plus it is hard to clean after making soup. Thanks!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

mamipdx said...

i would like an epicurean cutting board- 18 in. we have a smaller one but our veggies keep falling off it gets so crowded!
divertida at fastmail dot fm

Anonymous said...

How about a BBQ cover so that I can continue grilling into the Winter? CSN has 'em.
jorossi (at)

Chic Therapy said...

I would get a console table and use it my my bedroom to store the tons of make up that i own

meeyeehere said...

I need some Ginso knives and a couple spring form pans!!!I have so many birthdays coming up,I have never owned spring form pans before!
thank you!Have a great week.

TruthHole said...

I want to get a cat tree for the two cats we have.They are climbers so thought it would be nice.

susitravl said...

I have my eye on the Kaiser Noblesse 11" Flan Pan. We buy it at the Mexican Market, but I would like to try making it myself.
susitravl (at) gmail (dot) com

carmen said...

I'd like to get a food dehydrator and make my own fruit leather!

junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

Jane said...

a really good crepe pan. milk, eggs, flour and you've got breakfast, lunch, desert. easy.

Emily B said...

I'd love the Ironwood Gourmet Cake Stand and Serving Tray - 28355. I'd use it for my Eggless Chocolate Bundt Cake! (
ebickell at hotmail dot com

Debbie said...

I'd get this Le Creuset casserole:
I've only recently found how wonderful Le Creuset is and I love it! I'd make lasagnas and all sorts of wonderful winter casseroles in this.

Tim said...

I would get some cookware.

I will make some spaghetti sauce with it.

tahearn at roadrunner dot com

Hillary said...

I would get some cookware
Hillaryanna at yahoo dot com

DG said...

I'd purchase the Emile Henry bake for the cause Pink Pie dish so that I can bake a pecan pie and present it to my cousin. She could do with a little cheer :)

deeg131 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd order a Deni automatic ice cream maker ( and then make cinnamon ice cream which is my absolute favorite. Maybe experiment with peanut butter as well!

Anonymous said...

I'd order a Deni automatic ice cream maker ( and then make cinnamon ice cream which is my absolute favorite. Maybe experiment with peanut butter as well!

Tiffany Christie said...

I would LoVe to own the Nordicware Platinum Butterfly Cake Pan - 80248 My daughter would love a butterfly cake with pretty colored icing....Tiffypoot @ (

Natan said...

I would like get a 13 inch pizza stone, it would make my pizza come out a lot better.

Heather said...

I would love to use it to buy some new Georgia Boots for my son! Thanks for the chance to win!

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

OneDayItWillBeAlright said...

Would love to get this Paula Deen 4 Qt. Covered Deep Fryer with Basket in Stainless Steel. Don't have a special recipe but need a fryer and that one looks like the perfect size.

Your coconut cookies sound yummy. Might have to add those to my Christmas cookie list!!

onedayitwillbealright @ gmail dot com

LAMusing said...

I'd get the Jaccard Mandoline slicer! That way I could have those perfectly sliced potatoes and other veggies!

Norma said...

I'd get the Dansk steak knives! Mine are old and cheap. I'd use them to eat steak of course :) Actually, although I own other "proper" knives, I often use my steak knives for task chopping, peeling and slicing. I'm almost 80 - some other knives are just too big or heavy, a steak knife is easy for me to handle.

Anonymous said...

I would like to get the CucinaPro Pasta Fresh Machine so I could make our own spaghetti and fettuccine!
digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

Jennai said...

I would like to get the Kalorik 48 oz. Brushed Stainless Steel Blender - BL-16909 to make smoothies with (not to mention Margaritas)
HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

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