Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ritual Coffee, Boogaloos, Lolos, Lucca and more Mission SF Wanderings.

The Pork maybe lucky... the pigs sure ain't!
This guy sold fruit out of the back of his very groovily painted truck; he was chopping up watermelon and putting it in plastic bags and selling it to passers by.

I want to eat here:  this is Lolos's restaurant, love the look of it and they have a 10 buck lunch special!
The interior:
Lucca is the old guard's place to buy Italian staples.  It's great retro feel sort of reminded me of Arthur Ave in the Bronx.
More great SF architecture, this time housing a super popular hipster restaurant Boogaloos (yeah and I want to eat here as well!)
And this is Ritual Coffee taking the cup of coffee to a whole new level.
Here you can select your beans, which are ground and then poured per cup for you at a price you can pay (up to $5.75 for a cup of coffee).  I had the Concepcion Buena Vista for $2.25 and it was delicious, but it's good to know that you can blow your coffee wad on a super special cup of $5.75 worth of Kenyan Kiandu when you are feeling flush.
Or you can just buy the beans in bulk and make it yourself at home.
It's a beautiful and huge space with a great sense of style.  I particularly like the above espresso maker art: Remember that time we...

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