Friday, October 1, 2010

Mission Street Art and Musings

The Mission district in SF is known for it's murals, which are plentiful and often amazing, but what has really caught my eye so far are these two pieces of street art.  In part I think because they are easier to take in then some of the bigger, wilder murals.  I'm feeling very overwhelmed by all that San Francisco has to offer.  What an amazing food city:  you can't walk a block without coming across an organic Japanese place or a sustainable, local, independent grocery store.

At first when I decided to focus this years trip here on the Mission I thought it was because it was the best place to get cheap, good food. Now I'm wondering if it isn't that whereever I travel in the world I always find the neighborhood that most reminds me of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. Not that the Mission is really like anywhere else (it's not);  it's a wonderfully unique and singular spot.  Where else in the world do you get the combination of Art Deco architecture, 99 cent stores residing in the remains of amazing old theaters,  and Salvadorian/Mexican taquerias adjacent to trendy hipster bars?  It is unique to this very special and alive San Francisco neighborhood.  Already I can tell you 5 days here is not enough.  But that's OK:  it's just an excuse to come back.
Now I have to run to catch a train.  Today is my pilgrimage day.  I'm off to Berkeley for lunch at Chez Panisse.

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