Saturday, October 9, 2010

Berried Treasures

Berried Treasures Consistently the Best Produce in the Market
See the long row of potatoes (below) in the back by the guy wearing the black t-shirt?
Best selection of heirloom potatoes in the city and by far the most delicious!
Last year Franca Tantillo, the ex nurse from Staten Island who started Berried Treasures over 25 years ago, was selling Trout in addition to her amazing strawberries, potatoes, beans, peas and herbs.

Yesterday, when I went by she had some wild watercress for $3 a bunch.  I came home and tossed it up with a simple mustard vinaigrette and gobbled it down. Her trout was also out of this world, but then everything she sells is (I have to ask her why she stoped selling it this year?).

She doesn't have a vast variety of produce; instead she focuses on a few items and does them really well.  I always thought that she named her farm in Cooks Falls, NY (Western Catskills) for her famous strawberries, sweet little gems that have the most intense strawberry taste of any sold at the market.  Then yesterday as I was looking at her produce and realized that maybe it's a play on the word berried/buried because in the spring she sells a lot of berries but in the late Summer/Fall she sells a lot of buried treasures: potatoes.  Her tomatoes are damn good too.

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