Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Open Thread

 What was your favorite food as a child?

My grandmother used to take me to the food counter at Kresges and I would always get french fries with gravy and a coke.  I loved to add ketchup to my fries and mix it up with the gravy


neil said...

three things, but that's ok, because they are the only things i would ever eat (literally giving my mother migraines if she contemplated deviating):
1. hamburgers.
2. a recipe for cheesy, tomatoey macaroni from the back of a campbell's tomato soup can (she was british and thought this was "really american") with a side order of mrs. paul's fish sticks
3. medium rare rib steak with a giant plate of her english style "chips"

Herr Issyvoo said...

Swedish Meatballs.
And not the shitty Ikea/TV Dinner variety.
My Mom got the recipe from one of my Scandanavian relatives and they were frickin' delicious. I requested them every year for my birthday.
I'm a vegetarian now and one of the few things I miss are my Mom's Swedish Meatballs.! Can you veggie-fy them for me? My birthday is rapidly approaching......

Kurt Brown said...

Meat loaf.

I still love it, and other cafeteria-type food.

Urban Food Guy said...

well I'm not sure I really approve but Boca makes a soy ground beef that could be used as a replacement so you could use your mothers meatball recipe. I'm not sure if you can get Boca in Berlin but if you freeze regular firm tofu and take it out of the freezer it crumbles up like ground beef, soy sauce, salt and black pepper really help it taste more authentic. Post the recipe and I will experiment with it for you and see what I can come up with for you...

Chris Skip in AVL said...

Lots of childhood favs--many of them found in those spiral bound church cookbooks. Gelatin salads were and still are amazing. Mom baked Spam (actually Treet, was cheaper) slices over canned Chef Boyardee spaghetti with parmesan on top. Skip actually lets me make it every couple of years.

But a real fav we STIll make is pear salad—canned pears on lettuce with dollop of mayo, grated cheddar, and a maraschino cherry. The link is to that white trash version, but we also make it with arugula, wine-poached pears, and gorgonzola. Both are good.

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