Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Fat Radish

I've been watching the renovation of the space The Fat Radish is in for a long time now.  It's in a nice residential loft building just in from the corner of Orchard and Canal.   It has the feel of the next hot place to eat.  The look is very Williamsburg, which to non-New Yorkers I realize isn't very helpful, so... it has a retro feel.  The front looks like an old butcher shop: lots of white tile, rustic metal and old wood.  I've only seen it from the front window, since every time I go by it's daytime and they aren't serving lunch yet. 

It looks very inviting and the menu very promising.  Maybe we will try it for my upcoming birthday.
In the mean time maybe I'll go take some pictures and report back.

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