Monday, October 25, 2010

Jet Airways

I've been noticing lately that there is a Jet Airways advertisement on here every time I log on to post.  My friend Debby is in India right now and as regular readers know I am a little obsessed with airplanes and travel, but more than most I seem to find reading about airplanes and looking at videos about airplanes to be fascinating stuff.  I guess if I can't be on one going someplace I can at least be looking at them and fantasizing.

Jet Airways has given Air India a run for it's money and for anyone who wants a first class airline experience on their way to India they need look no further then Jet Airways.

I have never flown them and they aren't giving me any money to write about them, but one of my obsessions is about what it would be like to fly in the first class section of a plane (or sometimes I obsess over private jets and go on sites and look at the different lays's kind of like my porn).  Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that Jet Airways First Class Suite has to be hard to beat.  I love the sliding wood doors and that you have a private room that sits two for dinner.

Here is a video I found that I think is kind of funny; somehow I don't buy that this guys need  "privacy" with the attractive blond woman...what do you think?

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