Monday, October 25, 2010

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This is what I spent most of my weekend doing.  It's the perfect weather for an Indian Feast, although I always love Indian so I guess any time is perfect.  There were two desserts that I had been wanting to try so I made them both, kind of gilding the lily but, hey, I didn't force anyone to eat them!  The very bottom item, Saint Emilion Au Chocolate, I will break down and give you the recipe in another post.  What is missing in the picture (underneath you can see just the top of the words) is "Macaroon Chocolate thingy".  I wasn't really sure from the recipe if it was a tort or a cake or a mousse...having made it I would call it a cake:  a very rich boozy cake that I feel needs some rethinking, but really how far wrong can you go when you are mixing coconut and dark chocolate?

This was a particularly nice dinner because it gave me a chance to socialize with two of my favorite yoga teachers (Christie & Edward) from OM yoga where I have practiced for years.

If you haven't tried Pappadum at home you really should.  It's so easy (you can fry it or I like to put it under the broiler).  It comes with several seasonings: black pepper, green pepper, cumin, plain....and it is addictive and most importantly for this evening they are gluten free:  lentil flour is the main ingredient.
I make a simple tamarind chutney for dipping, but really you don't need anything.  You can also cut them into strips and use them in spicy Indian Tomato soup - once they hit the soup and are cooked a few minutes they become tasty noodles.

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