Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Living Concrete/Carrot City

This press release showed up in my mailbox this morning.  An exhibit is being done by Parsons The New School for Design in "dialogue" with Ryerson University in Toronto.  I used to live up the street from Ryseron when I lived in Toronto.  Back then it was still a "poly-technical institute", not a university.  Regardless, this looks like an interesting exhibit about urban farming. 
This is from the press release:

Parsons The New School for Design's exhibition Living Concrete/Carrot City: a crop of ideas, innovations, and latest developments in urban agriculture on view now until December 15.

A dialogue between The New School and Ryerson University in Canada, Living Concrete examines urban food initiatives and their impact on local communities—from backyard community plots, roof gardens, and farmer's markets to urban farms—through projects undertaken by New School students and faculty. The exhibition features maps, installations, interactive websites, videos and models, several created specifically for the show. Highlights include a "field guide" to local food on the Lower East Side; a participatory project to re-design bodegas; sound and video installations that explore urban beekeeping; and a multimedia piece on Corbin Hill Road Farm.  

Of particular interest to me is the Lower East Side field guide which I was sent as a PDF, but I can't seem to attach it to a blog posting, so all the more reason to go to the show, or at the very least visit the link above and you can download the guide yourself along with other cool stuff liking a walking tour of the food systems of Brooklyn.

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