Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Would You Cook This?

I think this imaginary bird/beast might taste good done a l'orange... or maybe do something Thai stewed with coconut milk and red curry?

This is one of those leftover pictures that my friend Kurt took when I was in San Francisco that never made it into the blog until today because I didn't know what to do with it.  I think it's an alligator head stuck on a Goose.  Geese are good roasted and served with red cabbage, caraway and lots of red wine vinegar.  Alligator I only ate once, in a French restaurant in Toronto called Le Select Bistro which I am happy to say is still open and thriving.  It's a great place if you're ever in Toronto.....the alligator was pan friend, de-glazed with maybe a raspberry vinegar and served on a bed of greens.  It was delicious and yes, I hate to say, it tasted kind of like a fishy chicken.

All of this because some strange store (which is called Paxton Gate and I highly recommend you visit  and if you have kids take them!) in San Francisco got all Frankenstein on a stuffed Goose (and not even stuffed with tasty stuff like walnuts, spicy sausage and cranberries).

Who knew a Goose could look so dangerous?

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