Thursday, December 30, 2010

Puerto Vallarta: The Good Life

Takos Panchos is a hole in the wall taco place on Basilo Badillo street that has some of the best Pastor Tacos in town.  I learned about Pastor tacos last year in Mexico City, where I was told they were created.  Basically, it's pork cooked like shawarma, which is then thinly sliced onto a soft taco shell and topped with razor thin slices of fresh pineapple.  It's heavenly and dirt cheap.  This place is packed late at night with revelers in need of something quick and delicious to soak up all the booze.  That is my friend Cory hamming it up for the camera.

And below Cory and my friend Mama (aka Linda) with the taco master.
 Fuego on Amapas street is a good place for a bite large or small as well as drinks, large or small.

It's impossible to do justice to all the street food in Puerto Vallarta; it is everywhere in many different forms. I liked this juice man who was very methodical and pressed fresh juice for everyone.  He looks like he has been at it for a while. 

This Taco stand is just next door to the Juice guy and was very popular with the locals.  It was open during the day but never seemed busy until later in the night.  Both places are just up from the beach on Badillo.  For more info on street food check out this great site.

Of course during the day the big activity is going to the beach.   Most people don't want to move once they get situated; this is not a problem as most beachfront hotels have chairs and umbrellas for rent or for you to enjoy many cocktails and snacks under while you enjoy yet another day in paradise.
At night Puerto Vallarta really comes alive, with a crazy amount of bars and clubs to go to.  As a New Yorker I wasn't so excited about going out every night since I get enough nightlife here, but it's nice to know there are options.  Here are a few shoots of the latest bar, the new La Noche.
A dog enjoying a good dig on the beach. 
Still more to come on PV, I'm not quite done yet!  Tomorrow I fly to San Francisco where I hope to be able to explore some of the exciting food scene in Oakland.

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