Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yoko Ono on Food

Yoko Ono did an interview with Edible Manhattan in their current November/December issue.

Here are my highlights:

EM: How has your Japanese background influenced your lifelong appetite?

YO: I don't eat quantity.  I don't crave for big fat steak, for instance.  Just a little bowl of rice and kimchi will do for my lunch.  Kimchi is my favorite thing.  I eat mostly vegetables.  I can't stand how we are treating the animals.  I eat fish off and on.  But actually, I feel best when i am just eating good fresh vegetables.

EM:  Do you have any food memories of John Lennon?

YO: John loved Chocolate.  I didn't.  But after his passing I went for chocolate and I like it.  Now, I'm trying not to eat too much of it.

EM: As a longtime feminist, what do you think about the recent reclamation of homemaking?  These days young professionals  enthusiastically make there own pickles.

YO:  Women of the 60's made pickle, too, you know.  Health food started then.  We were feminists, but we weren't dumb.

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