Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coffee, Cocoa and Citrus at The New Amsterdam Market

How perfect:  as the weather is getting chillier, the next New Amsterdam Market is all about warm beverages and fresh, seasonal heirloom Citrus from Florida.  Cee Bee's Citrus is one of the few remaining family owned farms in Florida and I think it is great that they will be taking part in the market as it will remind us all that citrus which has become so ubiquitous all year in super markets is actually a seasonal product and the season is just getting started.  In addition to bringing Heirloom oranges, grapefruits and tangerines with them they will also be giving out discount coupons for when you order from their site.

This is the time to be eating citrus since it tastes best and is shipped to order at peak freshness.  And while you are pondering your citrus purchase you can take part in one of the dizzying array of coffee and cocoa vendors and events.  All the major coffee folks will be there, including some of my faves like Mast Brothers Chocolate, Dora Coffee and Crop to Cup

The most exciting news for me is that the New Amsterdam Market now has a Market School located at 224 Front street just a few blocks away from the market.  Get all the information on cuppings, a full list of vendors and events here.

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