Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Street Food: First Night in Puerta Vallarta

This little food shack is on a small side street, an otherwise dusty quiet street several blocks away from the tourist mayhem.  I say otherwise quiet as this place has the music up full volume and bright, bright lights.  The food looked great and there was a regular stream of locals buying food.
Working the grill.
A few streets over on a dimly lit corner was an older man with a very simple cart filled with what looked like roasted sweet potatoes.  Business looked dead, but he had such a large supply I guess he was hopeful things would pick up. 


Chris Skip in AVL said...

Yea! You're there! Looks delicious. Love those roast chicken dinners with slaw and roasted cebolos and peppers.

If you get a chance take the 15-20 minute bus ride up to Bucereas. Sweet town. A nice contrast to PVR--laid back beach town with lots of great beachside restaurants—both on the beach and on the boardwalk flanking the beach. Love those shrimp salads in avocado halves! If you get tired of Mexican fare try Sandrina's just over the bridge to the north of the downtown beach strip. Our hotel was next door and the smells from the kitchen kept us hungry 24 hours.

Chris Skip in AVL said...

make t6hat to the SOUTH of the downtown

Urban Food Guy said...

Thanks for the tips!

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