Monday, December 20, 2010

Wherever You Go There is Pizza

Neil and I just got back from Espresso Pizzeria, my favorite place to go for pizza here in Puerto Vallarta (so far, I haven't tried them all, yet).

Tonight Neil made a special request and they made him a pesto pizza with fresh tomatoes on a cheese pie.  I had a anchovies on my basic pie.  To start we had a grilled Portobello mushroom salad with goat cheese; the Portobello was sliced and grilled and served on a small bed of lettuce with a button of goat cheese on the side.  It was great.  With two beers dinner cost with tip about $55 USD.

Puerto Vallarta is not cheap.  Taxis and eating out are a little bit less then you would spend in NYC. If you eat at local places, it is cheaper and if you buy from the local Mexican market and cook it is also much cheaper.  Just be aware of the produce vendors in the Zapata square as they charge you for all your groceries but don't pack them all.  I got home the other day and a half dozen items I had paid for were not in my bag.   I went back to complain but it was pointless.  At least it was a nice walk.  Sad though, because it was my favorite place to shop and I won't go back.

Oh the above pizza is a Parma pizza I had for lunch when I first got here, yum!
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