Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old Town

I posted about these on my first day here and I called them sweet potatoes.  Then I came across them again in the light of day and realized they are not  sweet potatoes or yam or any such thing.  They have a pit in them and I am confused as to what they are? (Chris and Skip were able to discern that these stone like fruits are called Mamey Fruit - see the comments below)  Next time I see them I will muster up some bad Spanish and ask the guy selling them.
 I love these old signs for candy stores.  They also sell fruit, nature's candy.

 7 Pesos is 56 cents.


Chris Skip in AVL said...

Here's what I found. They are mamey fruit. We'll be looking for them too. We leave for Yucatan Wednesday! Can't WAIT!

Urban Food Guy said...

Thanks Chris and Skip! Mamey Fruit? Wow learn something new every day! Not sure why none of my searches came up with anything, but luckily I have clever readers like you guys! Have a wonderful time in the Yucatan and feel free to send food pictures for me to post here about the other side of Mexico!

Chris Skip in AVL said...

that sounds fun... will send a shot of our first bowl of sopa de lima and glistening vampira cocktail, much anticipated.

Urban Food Guy said...

I want a picture of that cocktail! I also wouldn't mind a recipe, as no one online seems to agree on how to make. One recipe even calls for diced onions!

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