Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pike Street Fish Fry

Walking down Ludlow Street today I noticed a storefront with this big sign announcing Pike Street Fish Fry which after some research I find out is a successful Seattle fish restaurant that is opening up right here on the Lower East Side at 122 Ludlow, just north of Delancey.  The LowDown has an article about how they were not successful in their first attempt to get a liquor license but seem to suggest that when push comes to shove they will prevail.  I hope so.  The food sounds yummy, especially the fish taco and they are so close to my place!  Right next store at 124 Ludlow Cafe Vita a new coffee shop also from Seattle is slated to open soon! These are serious Seattle coffee people who also roast their own beans and from my brief glance at their site are selling Theo chocolate, one of my favorite bean to bar chocolate bars.

I love my neighborhood!

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