Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nunu Chocolates

I came across Nunu Chocolates one day last week as I was walking through the Unions Square Christmas "Market".  As I was rushing to yoga I notice some hand dipped salted caramels (4 pieces for $7) and had to stop and get them for my mother-in-law who grew up in England and loves her "toffee".
Everything they sold looks tasty and comes beautifully packaged.  So when I found out, after chatting with the owner (the husband half of a husband and wife team), that they had a place in Brooklyn right around the corner from the "flea"  I had to go pay a visit.  
The store is a small storefront where you can hang out drinking cup to crop coffee, eat some fine chocolate or have a beer or glass of wine as well.  I got a super yummy mug of mocha (above) a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso and sat and drank it as I watched them make the chocolate in the back.  
It's a wonderful set up.  The cafe is comfy but stylish with lots of wonderful treats to take home with you.  I got a four pack of absinthe chocolates that I ate while watching Justin Bond perform later that night at Joe's pub
The chocolate is all made on premises and is single origin Cocoa bean derived from a Trintario and Criollo hybrid which they get from a sustainable and family run farm in eastern Colombia.
Next time you are going to BAM or the Flea and want to sit down and relax, be sure to check out Nunu Chocolates!  I finished my mocha and was temped to stay for a libation, but I had to run.  Next time!
Nunu Chocolates, LLC
529 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Anonymous said...

Nunu Chocolates are fantastic. I also stumbled across them and immediately decided to carry them at my online chocolate store. Andy and Justine are a great couple.

Glad you enjoyed their chocolates. My customers go crazy for them :)


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