Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Amsterdam Goes Weekly

Starting September 12th and going through until December 19th (with the exception of November 28th) the New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport will be having weekly markets! Hitherto they only did them in the Summer and only monthly.

The market is located on South Street between Beekman Street and Peck Slip in Lower Manhattan, at the site of the historic Fulton Fish Market (see map above).

The New Amsterdam Market really needs our support!

The New Amsterdam Market folks have been working for several years now on re-establishing a full time market in what used to be the market area of Manhattan, underneath the Manhattan bridge near the original Fulton Street fish market.

We need to let the city and the folks running the market know that this is something New York City needs, wants and will support.

They have the best vendors selling an awesome selection of artisanal, locally made foods, locally grown organic produce and sundries, as well as wild and foraged herbs, mushrooms and other things of wonder! The selection is overwhelming. You can practically do your entire week's shopping here and nearer to Christmas it will be a perfect place to buy gifts.

When it first started I visited and took some videos. They aren't great, but they give a sense of what's on offer and the feel of the market.

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