Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eating In the Army

The New York Times did an interesting article on what different troops from different countries get in their "combat meals." The best thing about the article is how you get to click on each country's package and it opens up and shows you what's inside.

The French, of course, win hands down with Venison Pate, Cassoulet and Nougat. The Italians give their soldiers pasta (big surprise, right?) and the US and Canada, for the most part, give their soldiers junk food . I found Sweden's to be the most austere with mostly "just a lot of Cod and Potato" mash-up (which could be good, but hey where's the chocolate?)

All in all just another reason not to join the army!

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Kurt Brown said...

I thought it was interesting that most all countries had some high-tech engineered packaging, some with camouflage even, all with bar codes and lots of small font text, but the Brits have a simple cardboard box clumsily sealed with brown tape and a big number "14" on it as the only text. It's like their meals were made and packaged by little old ladies in Manchester or something.

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