Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Urbanfoodguy Has an Amazon Store

I've been working most of the day trying to figure out how to add a permanent Amazon link here and I'm not so sure how successful I have been.  The good news is that I have started an Amazon store and will start to link any book or item I write about at the bottom of each posting.  If you want to buy something on Amazon and you think it is something cool and appropriate for my site, let me know. For now I have started out with what I know best:  books.  Kitchenware, videos and other stuff will follow as my learning cure improves!  Anyway, here is the Urbanfoodguy Store: I will be adding more products constantly, so please check back!

Do me a favor:  if you are thinking about buying something on Amazon that is food related let me know.  I'll add it to my store and then you can buy it from the Urbanfoodguy store and I'll make a little bit of money off of the sale.  This is my first real foray into trying to actually make some money off of my endeavors here, but I have realized over the years of doing Urbanfoodguy that it truly has become a full time job and seeing as how real full time jobs in the real world seem scarce these days I'm trying to make my passion into a living.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Up next:  Short Ribs!

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