Sunday, September 12, 2010


I braved the rain and the crowds to get a glimpse of the new and very large Italian food emporium Eataly at 200 Fifth Avenue - I say in the video Broadway and 24th, but it's actually Fifth between 23rd and 24th.

Also someone had told me that a more formal restaurant was yet to come, but for the life of me I can't imagine where they would put it!

Lastly I make a comment about how it's almost like San Francisco which is just a silly reference to a conversation I had with an architect friend who was saying how much nicer things were in SF and how, finally, with Eataly New York can stand proud in the food world with a first class food center celebrating all things Italian. Not to mention just good food in general as the produce/meat/bread/fish selection is damn impressive.

It reminds me of the top floor of the Kadewe in Berlin.


Kurt Brown said...


I loved the return of the video tours!

As for being like SF. Har. We are just a small provincial town with airs. This guy created and entire Ferry Building in Manhattan. Holy crap.

And he was so hitting on Jimmy Falon.

Tanya said...

Great video! I went there on a weekday (had the day off) and it was *still* busy, though not as much as this. I loved that you showed the ceiling, noticed it when I was there and it's SO gorgeous.

I was planning to nosh out there, but we ended up buying a bunch of tasty food to cook at home instead, and bought a focaccia to go -- and then proceeded to consume it in the park next door while laughing at the people waiting in line for Shake Shack :-O

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