Saturday, September 4, 2010

Erivan Yogurt

I was looking through the yogurt section at Whole Foods the other day and was amazed at how hard it was to find whole milk yogurt that did not have a lot of stuff in it. Actually, to just find whole milk yogurt was a challenge as most of it seems to be low or no fat. Anyway, I was impressed by Erivan; they don't add anything and it's locally made in Pennsylvania. It seems like a very ma and pa shop, so much so that they don't even have a website at this point. I bought mine at Whole Foods, but if you are a yogurt eater check out the ingredients next time: crazy shit goes into that stuff, even the organic.

Oh and while we are on it, the whole "low fat/no fat" thing is a bunch of hooey. First of all, it's an additional process to remove fat from milk, which is naturally occurring. Secondly, it increases the carbohydrates in the yogurt, thereby making it more caloric and more of a simple sugar.

Keeping it as a whole milk product means it has more fat and breaks down slower in your system; thus if you are on a diet or concerned about health the full fat product is better for you since the "low fat/no fat" product is more fattening because it contains more carbohydrates. It's a total scam by big food to appeal to people who think they are buying something that is good for them. And these little individually sized fruit and flavored yogurts? Dessert. Pure and simple. Nothing more than little sugar bombs.


baophac said...

Have you seen Liberte Yogurt? It's 2% (I wasn't sure what you mean by whole milk) but it has no chemicals. Same thing for their sour cream.

Fat2Fit365 said...

I LOVE Erivan yogurt! I order it by the case at my local health food store.

They do have a website:

Anonymous said...

oh i love Erivan yogurt! i can't find it now that i've moved out of chicago. the other thing i like about Erivan yougrt is that they only heat the raw milk once, just before the yogurt is made, as opposed to other yogurts, where the milk is pasturized and then heated yet again to make yogurt.

and it's soooo good.

Incidentally, recently there was a study on prostate cancer which showed that any reduced fat milk aggravated prostate cancer in men whereas, for some reason, full fat milk absolutely did not. Another good reason for you fellas to say no to 2%.

Anonymous said...

Liberte pro-biotic no fat yogurt - opened the yogurt to find it moldy before expiry date 5 times in the last 8 months. When it's good it's good but this is too much. I'm done with Liberte. Finally complained to the Canadian food Inspection Agency when it happened again today.

Mary Anne said...

I'm so happy to see another Erivan yogurt fan! I've been using it for years for the very reasons you do.

Dreaming Cow is also non-homogenized without sugar.

I just wrote to my local Trader Joe's to carry this product because it's only available at Whole Foods and I'm not a fan of Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

ERIVAN Yogurt is the real deal. Tart and in the original Armenian style.

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