Friday, September 17, 2010

Fired For Needing Food Stamps

OK, I'm back on political soap box again, but I think you'll agree for good reason. This is an action/news item that arrived in my inbox from a few days ago: Compass Airline fired a flight attendant because she admitted during an interview with a local TV program that even though she worked full time she still needed food stamps.  Compass Airline's  fired her for doing this. Compass is owned by Delta.

Flight attendants at Compass earn starting salaries between $13,842 and $15,453 a year, or between $1,153.50 and $1,287.75 a month.

I find this outrageous - firing someone because they admit they need food stamps?  Now it's a crime to be working-poor in America? 

Please go here and sign the petition to get this flight attendant's job back and please feel free to go to Compass Airlines website and write a letter to the management telling them what you think.

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