Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Make Spätzle in German

This video is from my friend Keith in Berlin. It's funny how even though the entire thing is in German it's perfectly clear. I want one of those perforated spätzle makers!

She's such a German Grandma! I love how she gets out of breath.


Kurt Brown said...

I was mesmerized by this video.

I want a grandmother like that in my house to make comfort food for me :(

Melanie said...

You can use a greater with holes--anything with holes will work in a pinch.

cocopierre said...

I love Spätzle and do it ioften in the cooler months. it is so easy to make fresh but can also be bought in Vollkorn(Wholewheat) varieties. I made it for about 45people (rad.faes)- sautéing it with onions and smoked tofu and sprinkled with surkraut (a classic german mixture)carrow whey(sp?) seeds also mixed in towards the end. My BF also appreciates me having adopted and adapted this german dish normally done with bacon (rather than smoked tofu cubes)

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