Thursday, September 2, 2010


Peels (325 Bowery @ 2nd street) is the latest edition to the uber hot strip of the Bowery just north of Houston and south of Cooper Union. It's on one of my walking routes home so I've been walking past almost daily admiring the speed and skill at which they have renovated this space.

And boy have they renovated it!

In it's last incarnation it was a one story spin-off of the popular Kelly and Ping which never took off in this location. Now it's a spin-off Freeman's which is in a lane way just a few blocks south.
They certainly understand how to make a restaurant look and feel good. Both places, although different, share a studied worn look that have a quirky lived in feel that is so inviting. I just hope the food is better at Peels as the last time I ate at Freeman's it was inedible.
Peels is open for coffee and pastries during the day and expects to be serving dinner in the upstairs space some time this coming week. Best to call before you go, but good luck finding a phone number; as of today I can't seem to find one listed anywhere. I'm sure this will change in the next few days.

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Neil Soten Theise said...

coffee/pastries downstairs, dinner upstairs... shades of the Markham!!! :)

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