Saturday, September 4, 2010

Xi'an Famous Foods Chinatown Location

I wrote about this mini chain of noodle chops that started in Flushing a while back when they opened up their East Village place. The picture above is Xi'an's first Manhattan location, a small to-go place located at the base of the Manhattan Bridge. It took me a while to figure out where it was; I thought it was inside the Chinese shopping mall that is on the other side of East Broadway underneath the bridge. It's actually on Forsyth street, just north of East Broadway. This is just a few blocks from my house and in weeks when money is tight I find myself eating a lot of savory cumin lamb burgers. $2.50 for lunch has got to be one of the best deals in town. If you don't do meat the Tiger Salad is a mouth-awakening crunchy powerhouse of pepper and vinegar. The Chang-An Spicy tofu at $2.00 is also a deal of a meal.

Do I seem obsessed with this place? If you haven't been you have to go. It redefines, for me at least, what Chinese food can be.

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