Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canada Bans PBA - America Drags It's Feet

Tom Philpot over at Grist looks at the news about Environment Canada's recent ban of BPA, labeling it toxic.

I mentioned in my epic posting on canning how biphenol A (BPA) is in the lids of Ball canning jars (it's the red soft ring around the lids that swells and makes the seal).

In Sherri Brooks Vinton's book Put 'Em Up she does mention BPA and gives some ideas about how to minimize exposure when canning:

Always store your jars right side up and allow the proper head space between the top of the food and the lid.

If you do serious canning it might be worth it to invest in a pressure canner so you can buy jars with screw top lids and avoid the situation altogether. If, however, you're like me and only can a few things every summer, I think buying reusable canning lids for the jars you already have is the most economical solution. They are sold in lots of 2 dozen for $18.95 plus shipping, which isn't exactly cheap....but since you can use them again and again it means you won't ever have to buy another Ball jar again!

Next year I am for sure going to buy the Weck jars (pictured above). They just look so cool. I tried to get some in Berlin, but when I found them they were really expensive (almost 7 Euro each!) Here I can order them online and get a far better deal. 12 jars with clamps and lids for about $19 plus shipping.

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