Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Last Night In Berlin: Valentin Stüberl

Jever is a popular beer in Berlin, the owners of Valentin Stüberl have subversively decided to use this Jever beer sign for there own uses. I like the slap dash nature the proprietors of this fun restaurant and bar that serves traditional Bavarian food, have with signage.
Notice the falling down electrical tape sign above the restaurant.What they do spend a lot of time on is making authentic food and creating a wonderful fun atmosphere. They also have something rare in Berlin - Good service. Located at the center of the uber hip new neighborhood Neukölln, which hipster magazines are wondering in print if it isn't Berlin's Lower East Side (oh please) this place bucks the trend by serving old fashioned Bavarian food and beer. Harald noted that not only is the food heavier in the south of the country the beer is even sweeter. Tegernseer Hell vom fass (on draught) is served in tall glasses with a large white foamy head on it. And what better food to eat with it than some artery clogging and very delicious Obatzda.
Obatzda is a traditional cheese dip made with Camembert and butter with a little paprika mixed in for color and some radishes and onions thrown on top for color. The pretzel is the thing you use for dipping. Some recipes call for other cheeses or horseradish or cumin or caraway, but our resident Bavarian (Harald) told us it was made mostly made with Camembert and butter.
What could be bad?

We had to order another one as the first one went so quickly.

Harald (left) and Keith (right).
In addition to the cheese dip with had potato salad (Kartoffelnsalat) and coleslaw (Krautsalat) that didn't have a shred of carrot in it, was slightly sweet and nicely seasoned with caraway and
Wiener Weisswurst a pale sausage that Harald took the casing off. Which must be like how the French always have to taker the peel off of potatoes, it's a German thing.

This was the best last night in Berlin a guy could have not to mention the best meal of my trip.

Auf wiedersehen Berlin!

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Kurt Brown said...

I'm always so sad when I... er... I mean you come to the end of one of your trips. I never feel ready to go home.

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