Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Blueberries Are Here!

My good friend Jane's daughter Jenny, her husband Hugh and their children Ruth and Alan have a blueberry farm in Maine. In addition to the BEST ORGANIC fresh Blueberries I've ever come across, Intervale Blueberry Farm also sells: kick-ass homemade Chutney, Fruit Spread, Juice and Frozen Blueberries.

These berries are smaller then the ones I've been seeing at the market, they are totally unprocessed (a lot of commercial berries are grown with pesticides, and then before packing are put through a bleach bath, which removes the healthy bloom on the berry which you get when you order berries from Intervale).

This is a rare treat, blueberries grown to the highest organic standards, using traditional farming methods.

I'm re-posting this video from last year of my delivery of blueberries which I discovered when I got my computer back and have been trying to see what files remain and which ones don't.
I came across this and it made me smile. I am so obviously still figuring out the narrative thing...

Ever since I got my camera I have forsaken videos (which I used to make often) as it is so much easier to take photographs and up load them then it is the videos, anyway all this is to say that I'm going to try and start making them again. I miss them, but first I have re-download the video software...ugh. Don't get me wrong I am so happy to have been able to get my computer fixed and not have to buy a new one, I can't tell you. If you have a laptop (Mac or PC) in need of repair I highly recommend you check out the folks at The Little Laptop Shop they did a great job at a fraction of the cost as that fancy big computer store in Chelsea.

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