Monday, August 2, 2010


Karstadt is a big department store in Germany, there is a branch near my friend Keith's apartment that has an awesome grocery store in the basement.
I risked life and limb to take these pictures as the woman in the fish department started to yell at me for taking pictures of her fish. I mean I could understand if I was taking a picture of her, but to be so very upset about me taking a picture of fish, seemed, well, a little crazy.
Beer, Wurst, Pork products and Herring, this isn't America, but wait! Just around the corner the section you've been looking for, your cultural food home: the American and Mexican food section!


Kurt Brown said...

Germans and privacy.

A country where direct mail is illegal cause it violates the sanctity of someone's mailbox. Where any information you gather from someone requires permission.

But at the same time, every phone company and Internet service provider is required to hold records of all calls and Internet activity, with an attached real name, for 6 months, so the police can check up on them.

So maybe fish pictures are illegal, but wurst are not?

ChrisSkip in AVL said...

I know what you were really up to. You were trying to steal her philodendron leaf display idea! Was she pushing a nautical illusion, or the impression of a sanitary doctor's office waiting room?

What about that Pig Fat? I want a brick of THAT. Oh hell, make it THREE. Sounds like a party!


cocopierre said...

Lieber mark-
certainly you've been to the 6th floor of KaDeWe at Wittenbergplatz? It's atad like Dean and DeLuca- but I highly recommend Rogacki(sp?) before you depart- On WilhelmsdorferStrasse near bismarkstrasse U7/U2 (in Charlottenberg)it's a faboo Deli with faboo Fischboulette at berlin prices!
Also have you been to Manufactum- if you dont have time pass by tere at Ernstreuterplatz and grab the free catalogue and go through it on the plane.
:-) Coco von Xberg
PS- yes they freak over picture taking. It's not about privacy- it's about control. Keep taking fotos and pretend to be the stupid "Ami"

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