Sunday, August 1, 2010

Türkenmarkt: The Turkish Market

This is my favorite place to shop for food in Berlin. It's in the hip bohemian neighborhood of Kreuzberg on a canal where they set up twice a week. You can see from the pictures below that the diversity of things sold is vast and it's not just all about food, but that's what I have focused on mostly here.

Bio is the word for organic in Germany. This was my favorite stall run by two very serious lesbians who chided me for using the plastic bowl on their scale, because they had calibrated the scale to include the weight of the bowl. I bought lots from them so they forgave me.

These are wonderful chewy fried bread sandwiches are made with feta and sometimes feta and spinach for only 1. 50 Euro and they make a filling lunch. I believe they are called sac boregi a traditional Turkish filled fried bread
The Turkish influence on the market is felt mostly in the wide selections of olives, spices and feta cheese. In addition to the food stuffs there are lots of vendors selling house wares and fabric.

So pretty, eh? Both the flowers and the cake (although I was more thinking about the cake!)
While you're enjoying your coffee and cake you can take in a performance.
A perfect afternoon at the market. It happens twice a week Friday and Tuesday I believe. But markets, during the summer are everywhere in Berlin. After a long, cold, dark winter Berliners know how to make the most out of their summers.

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