Monday, August 16, 2010

NYC Water

Way back in April of 2009 I wrote on this here blog thingy a post called Plastic Haters Unite
which was about the problem of plastic water bottles and also a call to arms to write or call the City and tell them to install more water fountains so people wouldn't have to buy bottled water.

I actually did write the city, but was certain that it was a waste of time (I can be such a Debbie Downer sometimes). So it was with great curiosity and wonder that I noticed last week at the market this weird looked large sink that had several faucets and a couple of drinking fountains attached to it. Surrounding this oasis were many volunteers handing out water drop shaped stickers that say: NYC WATER Brought to you by NYC environmental protection. With a web site address

I can't really take any credit for this new campaign the city has undertaken to ween people off their plastic water bottle habit, but I sure was happy to see it happening! It's also important that people know how safe, tasty and good our tap water is. There is no need for plastic water bottles, except the need of large corporations like Coca Cola to make a profit off of something that up until 30 years ago most people drank for free from, yes you guessed right, water fountains.

Here's the video from the NYC Tap Water project people and below it just for fun I'm re-posting The Story of Bottled Water video.

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