Sunday, August 22, 2010

Technology Meltdown

I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record and hopefully in a week or so things will be back to normal, but my MacBook died and I am blogging from Neil's ancient Dell which I can't download photo's to and whose keyboard I have yet to figure out the nuances of.

I feel like I went from the modern age to making cave paintings. I bought an iPhone thinking that would help, but it's useless as well; I spent this morning trying to take a picture of a menu and send it to myself but all I got were error messages. Tomorrow I'm off to Fire Island (maybe) and was hoping to be able to do some blogging with my new phone, but so far I can't get blogger to work on it, photos don't upload or send and my message box does nothing but give me error messages about my gmail account password being wrong. So I am off to the apple store to see if one of their supposed geniuses can help me.

The real reason I wanted to post about this is that Urbanfoodguy is having a growth spurt, so to make matters worse (as I am in the midst of a technology meltdown) I'm also going through a period of tremendous productivity where not only do I want to post multiple things a day I am being read by more and more people. We are rapidly approaching the historic landmark of a thousand readers a week. So I will do my best to keep posting in whatever limited way I can until I get my computer back or buy a new one. In order to do that though I may need to throw a fundraising dinner and pass the hat! Leave a comment if you'd want to come over for an Urbanfoodguy cooked local seasonal meal...I feel an idea coming on...

More later..

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Tanya said...

I totally sympatize with your technology breakdown! I use PCs usually, but know how a switch of OS can be SO disorienting, Seeing the lovely menus you have prepared in the past, I would LOVE to attend a fundraising dinner with my man!

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