Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Bio Farm Grows in Berlin: Prinzessinnengarten

Right by my hotel in the heart of bohemian Kruezburg is a huge empty lot that some resourceful people have rented and turned into an urban farm called Prinzessengarten. An incredible oasis right across the street from the Moritzplatz U-Bahn station.
where you can buy produce...
Or hang out at the cafe...

Or avoid the bees....

Or just wander about in amazement at how vast and green this place is and how you are right in downtown Berlin.

Above is a picture of a Kind Eward tomato and below is a picture of the King himself.
If you are in Berlin you must go here and wander around, but some produce and enjoy the best cup of coffee I had in Berlin and maybe indulge in a traditional German pastry.


cocopierre said...

This use to be a flea-market grounds for a number of years. Ive bought a bunch of stuff htre. the type of Fleamarket where things are in bins and carboard moving boxes- where irts on the edge of organized trash(and treasures) I use to really enjoy hunting on sundays- all my white ceramic plates are from there at the price of 50¢ to 1€. It remained derelct for about 2years and grew wild until your recent "discovery". I will try the coffee based on your recommendation -
coco von Xberg

kosher said...

How I wish all people are resourceful as people of Bohemian Kruezburg. Turning a vacant lot /dump site to a relaxing garden.

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